Serious Illness Cover

Serious Illness Cover

Life Cover Direct work in partnership with VitalityLife to provide Serious Illness cover which is more likely to pay out if you are diagnosed with a serious condition.


How it works

VitalityLife Serious Illness cover allows you to claim a percentage based on the severity of your illness or disability. There are seven levels of severity ranging from 5% to 100% to ensure that the amount you are paid reflects the effect of the illness on your lifestyle.  The more severe your condition, the more we pay.

What’s covered?

With VitalityLife Primary Serious Illness cover, you are covered for 102 illnesses. We also offer VitalityLife Comprehensive Serious Illness cover which includes 166 serious illnesses.

Most other critical illness cover only includes around 40 illnesses and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

After we’ve made a payment to you the remaining percentage is still available if you need to claim again.  Your cover stops when you have claimed it all or the term you’re insured for comes to an end.
You can choose to reinstate the entire policy or top up a percentage between 25% to 100%.

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