Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover

It's easy to imagine that you won’t be affected by critical illness, but should the worst happen you can help make sure your family and loved ones are protected, by easing their financial worries.

Critical illness cover provides a tax-free cash lump sum when you most need it.

How does it work?

Critical Illness cover helps towards care costs, medical bills, or even travelling abroad for treatment and can also help with your financial commitments if you have a major crisis.

In order to find the right policy for your individual circumstances call our advisers who will be able to help find the best policy for you.

What is covered?

By law all Critical Illness policies must cover:
•    Certain cancer conditions
•    Coronary artery bypass
•    Heart attack
•    Kidney failure
•    Major organ transplant
•    Multiple Sclerosis
•    Stroke

In addition, other plans may include:-
•    Prostate cancer
•    Lower grades of breast cancer
•    Angioplasty
•    Loss of sight
•    Total permanent disability
•    Hearing loss
•    Many specific types of heart attack and cancer
•    Motor Neurone disease
•    Alzheimer's disease

Frequently Asked Questions

Critical illness insurance pays benefits on the diagnosis of certain specified critical illnesses outlined in your policy.
Critical Illness cover pays a tax free cash lump sum when you are diagnosed with an illness that is listed in the policy.
 Some policies also provide critical illness cover for your child if they are diagnosed with one of the conditions listed in the policy.