Choose the right cover

What cover should I choose?

You might want your policy to pay out the value of your mortgage, or a specific lump sum for your dependants, or provide enough to cover both.  Our expert advisers can guide you through the options and help to choose the right policy for you.

We will use our expertise to offer free advice on the best policy for you and discuss the things you would like your policy to cover.  Here are some of the things to think about to help choose the right policy for you.

What happens if I have an accident or I’m too ill to work?
We can find a policy that will pay out a lump sum or cover your income.

What happens if I’m made redundant?
We can find a policy to protect against unemployment.

What happens if I die?
We can help find the best policy to support your loved ones should the unthinkable happen.

How will I pay my mortgage?
We can discuss your current requirements to make sure that your policy will be enough to cover your mortgage payments.

How will I support my children?
If you have dependent children, we can help find a policy to support them.

What if I’m retired?
Ask us about helping to protect your savings against potential health care costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Call our experts and they will tell you if you are able to claim and help you to reach a full and fair settlement.

Terminal Illness Cover - The plan will pay out if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness within the plan term and are not expected to live for more than 12 months.

Critical Illness Cover – The plan will pay out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a critical illness listed in the policy.

You can review your cover at any time,  we’ll be able to advise you on the best options available.  Please call us before you make any changes to your policy.
You may want to consider additional Income Protection if you need your income to cover your other bills and your family would struggle to cope with the household costs if something happened to you.

We offer free expert advice to help find the best possible cover for you.  Call us today to find out how we can help you to stay protected.